More than 4 years, really?

Not that anyone will read this, but holy crap, it's been four years since my last blog post here. I have to blog for a class I'm taking this semester so here I am, updating this while I'm at it.

SO much has happened in the last fours years, and my WIPs? HA. I finished that wedding afghan, a few years ago, but never gave it to its intended recipient. I never finished Dad's sweater and just this summer I unraveled it to reclaim the yarn for a future project. I never even started (much less finished) the Woodcliff afghan, but I FINALLY finished the Wool Eater afghan this last summer! It only took 6 years!

I don't have a lot of time to craft these days, but not for lack of desire. In a few weeks I will find out if I get a student loan consolidation (that includes a reduction of payment based on my income), and if so, I can stop taking classes and start having time to work on stuff! I would really like to get back into cross stitch again. I worked a little on some very old WIPs this summer, but there wasn't nearly enough time.

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