Another summer, another christmas.

So. not much got completed last year. For a long time I didn't do *anything* because I felt so horrible. Also, lots of personal stuff going on this year. It's been a pretty miserable year so far, actually. But now it's almost August, time to start (almost) fresh. Ready? And here we go:

1. Wedding granny afghan (due ASAP) started
2. "Sprinkler" cross stitch (due November, to have time for lacing and framing for christmas)--link to the art, not the cross stitch
3. Caroline's "woodcliff" afghan (due November, for mailing)
4. Wool Eater afghan (due December)
5. Dad's sweater (SIGH)

If there's time:

6. Jayne hat
7. HP mittens

I have vacation next week, and I plan to bust out as much of the wedding afghan as possible. It's been hot and I don't want to do anything, but as it's making squares I might be okay.

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