Status Update

Change of plans. Beck is no more. I just can't handle doing all those cables, they were killing me and I kept having to rip. SO. Say hello to Jimmy. Interestingly, no one in ravelry is doing Jimmy. Beck is definitely hugely popular, but there are three things that Jimmy has that Beck doesn't: 1. No Cables, 2. No half-zip, and 3. NO CABLES. Jimmy is actually a basket weave pattern, and I've done those before (okay, in crochet, but I understand the concept!). I'm gonna need some luck to finish in time.

Secondly, I've finished one of the Gryffindor Gloves for the sister. It didn't turn out too badly, for a first try. If I've got time, I'll make another one. Plans today are to knit the second one. After I finish the second one I'm going to add the fringe to the scarf, which is waiting patiently, having been stitched, woven, and blocked.

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