Another day, another deadline

My aunt just announced she is expecting in March, which is *fabulous*. But now I have another project and due date! My mom is planning to quilt a baby blanket, so I decided to do a cross stitch instead of an afghan. And this is what I chose today at Ewe Count. It's called A Bevy of Bunnies, from The Sweetheart Tree. I had to darken the picture so you could even see what it was, but essentially it is all white stitching (with a small amount of beading) on a grey-blue fabric and a single silver charm. It's very elegant, which is definitely my aunt (I hope!) There are "b" letters throughout the cross stitch, but I'm going to wait until the baby is born/named and add the baby's initial instead. At the bottom I will add the full name and birthdate.

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