Shiny new (well, sorta) digs!

I've done some remodeling here! This spring I learned how to knit, WAY overcommitted myself to handmade christmas presents, and am now in the "I don't want to craft" funk. So I spiffed up the place, hoping for some inspiration. Here's a list of projects I've got either in progress or I *should* have in progress (all links go to Ravelry):

  1. Sweater for Dad (xmas 09)
  2. Sweater for Mom (birthday 10)
  3. Gryffindor scarf and fingerless gloves for Beth (xmas 09)
  4. Hermione hat (xmas 09)
  5. Jayne hat (xmas 09)
  6. Wool Eater Afghan (for me, so obv. will never get finished)
  7. Central Park Hoodie for me (again, WNGF)
  8. Irish Hiking Scarf (WNGF)
  9. A Bevy of Bunnies cross stitch (March 10)

So yes, lots on my plate, not a lot of motivation. But then, it's summer! Who wants to deal with yarn when it's 85 degrees outside? Go team!

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